3 Ways Your Copier Poses a Risk in Your Educational Institution

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Protecting your company's sensitive information is no longer just a simple process of installing virus protection on your desktop computers. Today, everything from a staff member's smartphone to your office copier presents a potential portal for hackers to gain entry into your network.

Here are three ways your copier presents a security risk, and what you can do about it.

Common Sense Tips for Scanning Success

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Scanning is essential for digital workflows and paperless processes. Check out these tips to avoid costly repairs and frustrating downtime if you want to keep your scanner performing at its best.

Operational Tips

How your staff uses your scanning equipment plays a vital role in how long it lasts. When deadlines loom, it's easy to overlook procedures like removing staples, sticky notes, and paper clips. When scanning multi-page documents through an automatic sheet feeder, these items can scratch glass or cause damage to the inner workings of the feeder.

Document Automation Through Managed Print

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When looking for new ways to reduce operating costs, most educational institutions don't give their print environment a second thought. After all, how much of an impact can printing have on your overhead?

We all know that small expenses can add up quickly, and those prints are no exception. But the costs behind your print environment go way beyond cost per print. Here's what we mean:

Document Systems Helps Patagonia Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact of Printing

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Patagonia, based in Ventura, is one of the world’s most popular sports apparel and gear providers. The challenges of managing their technology infrastructure are even more complicated by their corporate mission, which includes using their business “… to inspire and implement solutions to environmental crisis.” As such, Casey Stoops, Director of IT Services, is always looking for potential solutions that improve service to end users while reducing the carbon footprint of Patagonia’s operations.

Let MPS Lighten the Load of Your IT Department

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In today’s digital office, where we are dependent on so much technology to do our jobs on a daily basis, there is already plenty of work for an IT department to be responsible for within any given organization. From programming to maintaining their website to technical support to network administration, IT department staff members have no shortage of tasks to keep them busy. The last thing they need to be bogged down with is the maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and preservation of your printing environment.

ServURite Establishes More Efficient Processes by Digitizing Paper Documents

Working with paper documents in the digital age puts companies at a competitive disadvantage. This outdated method of doing business is slow, tedious, and inefficient. Document Systems has solutions available to streamline an organization’s document processes with the use of digital documents, improving the security of their data while better organizing it and making it more easily accessible.

How Document Management Benefits Teamwork

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Providing employees access to the information they need to do their jobs is essential to a productive workplace. Another key to driving success in business is employee collaboration, which is enabled by the ability to share this information. More and more companies have come to recognize the value of collaboration in business.

Document Solutions Makes Storing Student Records Easy


Among the problems faced by education institutions and school districts is an overwhelming amount of paperwork. They are responsible for massive volumes of student records, files containing data that is legally required by state and federal regulations to be kept for many years, if not permanently.

Color Printing Is a Smart Choice for Accounts Receivable

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In many professional environments, color printing is considered an extravagance. Regular inter-office documents don’t need color, right? That’s just for the marketing department, isn’t it? However, both of those sentiments are inaccurate. Read on to learn some astounding information about how the strategic use of color can help your financial team get results—by printing invoices with color.


Bringing High Productivity to High Art

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Today, technology is an integral part of nearly every organization, from testing companies to veterinary clinics. Whether operations are focused on a low overhead or considered high society, Document Systems is pleased to play a part in making companies more efficient and effective.


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