State and Federal regulations require schools and universities to retain records of students for many years. If you’re storing documents in paper form, this can lead to storage problems as well as the potential for losing vital information due to misplaced or damaged records. In turn, this can cause steadily mounting expenses, hinder efficiency and create problems for both current and former students.

Printing costs are another area of concern for schools. If left unmonitored, excessive or wasteful printing practices can eat up a significant portion of your budget.

With Document Systems’ available solutions, you can keep your important files safe and easily retrievable. You’ll have the ability to find information easily and trust that documents are protected against loss or theft. You’ll also be able to lower printing costs, giving you more funds to spend on other projects.

Benefits of Document Systems’ Solutions

Our multifunction systems and document solutions will enable you to convert paper documents to digital form and organize them automatically. This will allow your staff to concentrate on other duties, which will help boost your productivity. Storing documents electronically reduces your need for storing records in physical form and lowers related expenses.

Our document management systems will also enable you to:

  • Collaborate on projects with others
  • Develop course curriculum
  • Streamline student registration
  • Keep student information secure

Document Systems’ print management services will help you optimize your printing processes as well. We’ll help you determine how you can reduce printing costs and get the most out of your devices.

Contact us to learn how our solutions can benefit schools and other organizations in the education industry.