Companies and organizations in the healthcare industry must keep their information secure, private and well-organized. Failure to do so could result in hampered business or legal penalties.

Improperly handling documents can have even more severe consequences. It could lead to patients being mistreated, which could prove disastrous for the patients themselves and the organizations responsible for their care.

At Document Systems, we can help your company manage your information effectively. Our office systems and managed services will allow you to keep your business competitive and legally compliant.

Benefits of Document Systems’ Solutions

With Document Systems’ multifunction systems and document solutions, you can capture, store and distribute documents with optimal efficiency. You’ll have the ability to index and organize information so that you can easily find it if the need arises.

Our multifunction systems also enable you to scan documents to email and a variety of electronic formats, including PDF and JPEG. Many times, you can do so directly from the device itself, which will further increase your efficiency.

Both our hardware and software come with security features to prevent unauthorized access to your information. These features could prove especially beneficial to organizations required to follow HIPAA regulations such as:

  • HMOs
  • Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs
  • Nursing homes
  • Pharmacies
  • Claims-processing companies
  • Law firms with healthcare providers as clients
  • Businesses that oversee health plans

To learn more about Document Systems’ solutions for the healthcare industry, contact us.