For law firms and other businesses connected to the legal profession, information security, storage and accessibility are significant concerns. If you can’t find a piece of information you need, you could lose a case and a potential or existing client. Worse still, the loss or theft of your information could harm your reputation, which could lead to a further loss of business.

Document Systems can help your company manage and protect its information. Our available solutions will keep your documents organized and secure, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks that will make your business prosper.

Benefits of Document Systems’ Solutions

Our document management solutions enable you to store documents on your network automatically. Easy-to-understand indexing options allow you to locate and retrieve documents with ease. Also, storing your documents electronically allows you to decrease storage expenses while increasing your long-term storage capabilities.

Audit trail and access control features give you the ability to restrict and monitor who sees your sensitive information. This holds true both for information you save on your network and for information you share via email. Our solutions give you the ability to securely access your company’s information from your smartphone or tablet as well.

The security features on Document Systems’ multifunction systems will further protect your information and resources. Our available equipment and print management services will also help you cut down on printing waste and costs by as much as 30%.

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