4 Ways to Enhance Your Copier Security


In today’s world of technology, it’s hard to go a day without hearing about security concerns. This concern should be met eagerly and can apply to various parts of your office. One area that some companies forget about is your printing fleet. Enhance your copier security with these four tips.


4 Key Benefits of a Multifunction Printer


Multifunction printers are the gem of the business world. They benefit productivity goals as well as help cut costs. The following four advantages should convince you your office needs a multifunction device.

1. Function

The number one benefit of a multifunction printer is its various abilities. A device that can print, copy, fax, and scan is much more convenient than having to move around to different machines in the office. When all the functions are on one device your business is also saving energy costs as only one engine is running.


5 Managed Print Service Delivery Metrics to Know

managed print

Managed print services is for business who want to minimize printing costs and improve their sustainability. When choosing a provider ask about these five service delivery metrics.

How Educators Can Cut Printing Costs in 7 Steps

U.S. Communities partnership, education

Document Systems proudly partners with U.S. Communities to bring Managed Print Services and Ricoh products to local educational facilities. This partnership helps ensure school districts and educators have the resources to serve students to the best of their ability.

Understanding Copier Lease Agreements


If your copier is on the outs, you may be worried about the upfront cost of purchasing a new machine. It is indeed an overwhelming thought and why you should consider leasing the equipment instead. Leasing a copier allows you to spread out payments and switch to a more updated device after your contract ends.


Getting Started With Managed Print

managed print

Cutting printing costs is a to-do list item that is better to get done sooner than later. If you’ve attempted it on your own without success, it’s time to look at a system like managed print. Here’s how to get started.

3 Technologies Not All Educators Have Access To


It’s easy to forget that not every classroom operates in an equal manner. Some are kept up to date with the latest technology while others manage with equipment that is a decade old. Here are three technologies not all educators have access to.

Renting and Leasing a Copier: What’s the Difference?


Renting and leasing are both options when you have decided not to make an outright purchase, but they are two different setups. Which one is right for you? Read on to learn the difference between renting and leasing a copier.


Yes, Leasing Equipment Can Be Beneficial

equipment leasing

Imagine you’re scanning documents for a big project and your office equipment goes out. This is an unexpected delay and an unforeseen cost coming your way. Instead of worrying about buying a new machine, have you thought about leasing a device? Leasing is sometimes an overlooked option, but it can be right for you. Here’s why leasing equipment can be beneficial.

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