Office Tips to Go Paperless

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Establishing a high-functioning digital office is extremely important in today's world. If there was only one lesson from 2020, let it be that - you have to be able to easily operate from anywhere and get clients' attention online as necessary.

Also, your office processes and workflows could probably use a boost to operate more effectively in the digital realm. That's where document management and advanced scanning come in to save the day - pair the two up and you'll have a high-level digital office space in no time.

4 Ways to Get the Right Managed Print Services

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The concept of managed print services is pretty straightforward. You are looking for a way to save on print, so you invest in an outside vendor who provides supplies, tracking, and workflow solutions while you pay a fixed rate. It's simple, right? There's actually a little more to it because your business can see huge benefits from managed print. For example, you can reap the rewards of major cost savings, improved workflow solutions, and increased employee productivity. The key is that you have to work with the right team.


3 Tips for Moving from Paper-Based Processes to Automated Digital Workflows

If your existing processes are well documented, it’s relatively easy to transfer them into a digital environment using a document management system. Unfortunately, many organizations have poor or inaccurate documentation, which makes creating digital workflows more complicated. Before you design and implement the workflow, you have to understand the current process.

10 Tips for Creating Top-Notch Web Forms

Web forms offer a user-friendly way to collect accurate data. You can be sure the data is right because you’ve shifted data entry to the information source. A requesting department member, employee, customer or vendor who has the knowledge to enter the correct information completes the web form. Process owners are notified when a form has been submitted and have visibility into automated workflows that put the data to work and kick off the next step in the process.

Managed Print is the Print Savings Solution in Education

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You've probably heard of the ways that managed print can bring significant savings to your educational environment, whether you work in a K-12 school, tech school, or in higher education.

Educational institutions have spent years trying to find budget solutions that don't impact the quality of the school. Managed print services from your Ricoh dealer are a great solution - from security to budget control, managed print has answers for many issues facing schools today.


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