3 Best Ways to Cut Print Costs


Print costs can be higher than your business can afford. By how much? It can sometimes be almost 18% of your expenses. That’s paper, toner, print problems, and the biggest issue of all – waste!

Preventing excess printing and print waste is one of the best ways to reduce print costs and get your budget under control.

Some companies, like Document Systems, also team up with communities across the US to support cutting print costs by providing managed print services and Ricoh office equipment to educational institutions. These organizations need savings wherever they can get it, and the addition of cost-cutting measures is incredibly helpful.

Is this your company as well? Read on to learn about how you can cut print costs too.

How Print Costs Balloon

Print costs can grow and grow while being a little under the radar on your budget. Pretty soon, you’re ordering more paper and more toner, and people are printing more things. Then, papers are getting recycled and going unused, and if there are no policies or consequences, employees may keep using print inefficiently. This waste hits your bottom line, so it’s time to look at how to get ahead of the problem.

Efficient Printers

Printers are more efficient than ever before. Both in printing, security, and tracking. You can know which departments are printing the most and if that makes sense for your business. You can also manage how much is being printed, where supplies are going, and more by investing in a top-notch, efficient printer.

Managed Print

Managed print matters – it’s a service that helps you stay consistently on top of your print environment, manage your print budget, and build a print policy that works. By paying a little for a service that helps your business stay ahead of inefficient spending, you’ll save a lot on wasteful printing.

Simple Supplies

Supply ordering and management should be easy and not take up a ton of time. If you have multiple employees ordering and overseeing supplies, that’s a productivity issue that can be quickly fixed with managed print.

Supplies should be streamlined and part of the workflow that makes sense. Talk with a team of professionals to be proactive and efficient with supply ordering.

Ricoh Dealers Know How to Help

Your Ricoh dealer knows copiers, printers, managed print, and how to organize your office workflows and equipment to work for you and within your budget, not against you.

Ready to move on managed print? Let’s go.