3 Considerations When Purchasing Your New Office Printer

things to consider

Choosing any new office technology is an exciting process. You are choosing to upgrade your devices and streamline your business’ unique processes with advanced machines. Sometimes choosing a new printer for your office might not seem like the most thrilling purchase and it can be tricky to keep up with the always-changing models and features available to you. Today, we want to give you three questions to ask to help you choose the best printer for your company.

What Do You Print?

There are two primary categories of printers: laser and inkjet. Inkjet printers are more popular choices for the average layperson, while laser printers are the popular choice for businesses. If your company specializes in printing high-quality pictures, graphics, or other images, then an inkjet printer is the superior device. Inkjet printers offer better image quality, resolution, and color ranges.

If high-quality image printing is not a consistent function of your business, then a laser printer would be a better choice. Laser printers typically print faster and for less cost per print.

How Often Do You Print?

Once again, we’ll compare inkjet and laser printers for our solution.

If printing is not a regular function in your office, then a laser printer would be a smarter choice for your business. If your print more often, then choosing an inkjet printer is a great way to get high-quality prints. If an inkjet printer sits for too long, the ink can begin to harden and get in the way of productive printing.

How’s Your Budget?

When considering a printer, there are two prices to keep an eye out for: initial cost and cost per print. After that, you’ll want to consider the longevity of a device. Laser printers last significantly longer than most inkjets, but then you must assess the quality of prints you need to ensure that is the right decision.

After you’ve considered these questions, you are ready to choose which printer is best for your company. For any additional help or if you’re ready to purchase a new printer, contact Document Systems today!