4 Questions to Ask When Upgrading Your Copier for Business Growth


You're ready to upgrade your copier because your business is growing. At least you're looking ahead! Copiers have a massive impact on business capacity, and upgrading for growth is an essential part of the strategy.

Time to Upgrade? Time to Ask

If you're even considering an upgrade, it's time to get in touch with a vendor partner, evaluate your current machine use, and ask a few key questions to make sure you get the machine that is best for your business plan.

4 Key Questions

Here are your four critical questions for getting the right upgrade.

1. Is there an automatic document feeder?

An automatic document feeder is essential for a growing business since it can feed up to 50 pages without having an attendant manually feed the machine. If you are copying large volumes of reports, this is a critical feature.

2. What are the additional features available?

There are incredible features available for today's work world that make your life easier and boost security and productivity. Be sure to ask about how to get the most from your machine.

3. Is it possible to edit images?

Image editing is important for adding watermarks and date stamps and combining images on a single page. Image editing can save a lot of money in supplies.

4. What is the volume capacity of the copier?

You'll want to be clear on the volume and capacity and how that compares to what your business needs now and in the future.

Equipment Matters for Business Growth

Growing your business is a challenge, but some aspects can be easy. When you work with the right office equipment vendor, it's simple to get what you need.