4 Reasons to Implement Managed Print Today


Managed print is a service that oversees all your print devices to improve productivity, the cost-effectiveness of print, and information security.

Printing can cost up to 10% of a company’s total revenue – no joke. That number seems outrageous, but it’s real. Think about how many people print excessively, waste supplies, continue using inefficient printers, and more.

It adds up, even though businesses sometimes choose to ignore print costs because they can seem complicated to deal with.

The reality is, the costs are more complicated to ignore. By investing in managed print services, you’re taking the best step to get ahead of wasting money.

Managed Print Makes Office Life Better

In addition to cutting costs, managed print makes workflows easier, simplifies processes, and increases productivity. But really, managed print makes it possible to be more productive. Here’s how your productivity will increase, and why your office should start managed print services today.

1. Save on Supplies

Instead of having a few employees scramble to get the right supplies in time, managed print oversees this process to make it simple, proactive, and taken care of. Win!

2. Improve Employee Productivity

Employees can be more productive when they aren’t wasting time trying to fix the printer or find the right supplies. Also, managed print reduces excess printing, so employees are more focused anyway.

3. Get Machines Fixed Faster

Regular maintenance and repair is a great benefit of managed print. You’ll know that any issue you have is covered, without having to wait forever.

4. Cut Print Costs

Overall, the top benefit is cutting costs by almost 30% for many businesses. Getting a handle on your print costs means you can get ahead of the competition.

Managed Print Saves Money

The top reasons businesses want managed print services is to save money and streamline operations. Are you ready to make those changes? Contact Document Systems to get started.