4 Things to Consider about Your Copier


All copiers and multifunction printers are dynamic devices to work for your business. They are also technologically capable, network-connected, and have hard drives.

This is sometimes forgotten about this equipment, but it's important to remember because the hard drive needs to be managed, wiped, and secured.

Business and data security don't stop with the network - it applies across your business to all machines that access the network, all storage locations, and servers. Knowing how copier and printer security impacts your business is essential to organizational sustainability.

Copier and Printer Security

Copiers and printers have more security needs than most people know. The machines are like computers because they have an operating system of software, they have a user interface, user experience, upgrades, and security features.

With the applications and software programs that can be used across the network, it's important to evaluate your copier and printer security regularly. Are they secured across your network? Do your cybersecurity features work with the copier and printer as well?

Also, have you recently managed the hard drive appropriately? There are some essential business and cybersecurity check-in questions.


In addition to these security questions, you will want to make the following considerations about your copier and printer to ensure all equipment is on the same network and security plan.

  • Security Features - across all machines, offices, and locations.

  • Hard Drive - confirm that all equipment is updating hard drive security on the same regular timeline.

  • Access - ensure that access is appropriately restricted throughout your network.

Getting the Right Machine

A copier makes or breaks your business because the reality is no one can work without it. Set your teams up for success and get the right machine for your industry and businesses. The team at Document Systems can help.