4 Ways to Get the Right Managed Print Services

Street sign that points in many directions with words that read right way, fast way, easy way, difficult way, and hard way.

The concept of managed print services is pretty straightforward. You are looking for a way to save on print, so you invest in an outside vendor who provides supplies, tracking, and workflow solutions while you pay a fixed rate. It's simple, right? There's actually a little more to it because your business can see huge benefits from managed print. For example, you can reap the rewards of major cost savings, improved workflow solutions, and increased employee productivity. The key is that you have to work with the right team.

Managed Print and Your Business

Managed print services will save your business significant amounts of money and time, and with the right vendor, it can improve your currently complex workflows.

To start, take a look at your print environment. Do you know how much it costs monthly? Who in your office is printing what? Who should be printing? Where are printers located to boost productivity? Who is taking extra time to address print issues? These are all critical questions to ask yourself and that your well-matched vendor partner will help you answer. Teaming up with the right local vendor will address all of these vital questions.

How to Get the Help You Need

Then, how do you make sure you get exactly what you need? Here are a few more ways to ensure your managed print services vendor is the right fit.

  1. Do they address your entire print environment comprehensively?
  2. Do they ask additional questions about your processes?
  3. Are your teams noticing a reduced amount of busy work related to printing?
  4. Do you see significant cost savings?

Invest in the Best

Managed print saves time, money, and office traffic while boosting productivity and work satisfaction. What does that mean for you? That your team will get more done in less time and feel good doing it. A positive employee is a productive employee. Make sure you get the right vendor when you kick start your managed print services. Let Document Systems help you get started.