Benefits of Leasing a Copier


The use of a copier in the office is almost constant as so many people need to make copies regularly. The expenses that copying requires of a business often make it necessary to lease a copier rather than to buy one outright.

Copying Costs

There are ongoing copying costs for every office. This includes the cost of ink and paper as well as any repair work that needs to be done. However, the largest copying cost is the actual price of the printer. If you have a small office with not much budgeted for copying, leasing a copier is often the right choice for your business. With copier leasing, you don't have to pay that large, up-front cost to get the machine into the office. Instead, you only pay the much-smaller monthly rent for as long as you want to use the copier. This helps keep the monthly costs low and to avoid using too much of it in any one month.

The Latest Features

There are new copiers being made all the time, and often they come with new and useful features. With more abilities to benefit everyone in the office, these models may not be possible for offices to purchase if they have already bought a copier and need to keep it for several years. When a company leases a copier, however, they can trade it in for an updated model at any time. And, if they find that they don't need as many copiers as they have, they can send some back without having to try to sell them on the secondary market.

Trying Different Models

If you aren't sure which type of copier would work best in your office, leasing is a great way to try on a model and see how it fits. Having one specific model in the office allows you to see how often it is being used and which features your employees are using. Then, collect feedback from them to see what they thought of its functions. It may be that you need one that has more capabilities than the one you tried, or you may be able to get by with a simpler one and save money each month on the rental.

If you're interested in leasing a copier for your office, contact us today to find out how to get started.