Benefits of OCR Document Scanning

optical character recognition

If you have ever tried to use a PDF or similar document type and found that you couldn't do much with it, you aren't alone. For this file type, there is very little you can do to it. It then has very limited usability in your business, even when you need data from it or need to search the file for certain words. However, optical character recognition technology can change the file into something that is far easier to use.

Changing the File

If your file is a PDF or photograph or another file type that is seen as a picture by the computer, there is no text in the file that is readable by the computer. OCR seeks to read the text in the file in a similar way to reading a word processing file. This tech lets the computer to decider the symbols on each page and to convert it into a file with usable text. This tool has scanning capabilities that allow it to match up the symbols in the file with letters and words that are in its database.

Using the New Files

Once the OCR has taken a file that performed like a photo into one that is full of text, that document becomes searchable. You can use it just as you would use any other document, including searching for words and doing find-and-replace searches. You can also edit the text in any way you choose. The file becomes fully usable, allowing it to be added to, outdated data changed, etc.

Accurate Scanning

One of the best features of OCR tech is how accurate the created text is. The resulting files are highly accurate, and the tech can even correct problems like typos or misspelled words. It also creates files of text far faster than a human could take PDFs and do a sight-reading and typing in the equivalent text. And, because human error is so common, such effort would likely leave the document with more errors than it had before.

If you have files that you can't search or change, OCR technology may be right for you. Contact us today to find out more about this cutting-edge technology and how it can help your business.