Best Practices for Document Capture


Document capture is the practice of scanning, saving, and establishing content in your keyword search system. Capture is critical for cloud storage, digital collaboration on projects, and creating your paperless office. Here, we'll dive into some best practices for better document capture, since it's the first step to setting up a successful office suite.

Essential Equipment

First, you want to get the right equipment. What does that look like?

It means a quality scanner that meets your business needs, from a reliable vendor partner. Getting the right equipment that works with your network, secures your data and creates high-resolution materials is critical. Work with the team at Document Systems to make sure you get the best essential equipment.

Scanning for Today's Office

Next, you'll want to follow these best practices:

  • Make sure your scanner is connected correctly and scanned documents are going to the right place.

  • Check your quality and features to ensure you are matching your intention with the machine focus.

  • Train your employees so that all scans are high quality and easy to read.

  • Create a storage process so every file you scan is easy to find and organize.

  • Ensure your scanner meets your top business needs - if you need to scan photos, focus on that. If you need to scan documents, you'll want to invest in a high volume scanner. Your vendor-partner at Document Systems can help you decide.

Invest in the Best

When you make a change for capture and document management, you want to work with the best business that knows what they are doing and has your best interest at heart. That's the team at Document Systems, and they are your go-to for scanning and document management. Get in touch today.