Canon Receives 'Copier MFP Line of the Year' Recognition


Canon's portfolio of copier MFPs (multifunction printers) is outstanding in operations and quality deliverables. The equipment received the 'MFP Line of the Year' award, which acknowledges the legacy of Canon dominance in the industry, advancements in technology, the brand focus on usability and dependability, and the Canon commitment to constant improvement.

Canon as a brand has consistently stayed one step ahead of copier and MFP technology, by prioritizing mobile support, hardware, and updated software to ensure Canon equipment is the top performer in the office equipment industry.

Outstanding Performance with Canon

The performance expectations for the 'Line of the Year' recipient are outlined by dependability, reliability, usability, and top of the line hardware and software.

Canon equipment features intuitive control panels that are accessible, secure, and highly functional. There is also an archive of recent jobs securely stored in the Timeline.

In addition, the dependability of the machine is unmatched, with only three misfeeds during over 2 million impressions in the evaluation.

Highlights of Canon Equipment

The Canon MFP combines personalized experience with security and reliability.

Integrating updated hardware and software keeps Canon pushing the edge of office equipment innovation while maintaining the brand dependability you expect.

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