Choosing a Copier from a Ricoh Dealer

things to consider

The copier that you choose for the office should be one that aligns with the needs of that office. When you see your Ricoh dealer for a copier, here are a few things to consider to help you choose a model.


Think about how the copier will be used in your office before deciding whether to choose a color copier or a black and white one. If color is needed, specific models are needed in order to create color processing. However, if all that is needed is to make copies of black and white documents, a black and white printer may be all that you need. These models are generally smaller than color models, and they have a higher printing speed.

Features Needed

Will the employees need to do things other than to simply make copies? A basic copier that only makes copies is smaller and less expensive than a model that will do more. Your Ricoh dealer will have models that are all-in-one machines that will do tasks such as printing and remote printing by using an app. Having more functions in one machine will free up space that would have had to house three or four machines that would do the same tasks.

Printing Speed

If you regularly have a high number of copies to make or pages to print from the computer network, a fast copier is needed to keep the work flows moving. Color laser printers are one of the fastest types, printing as many as 42 pages per minute. A black and white multifunction printer is even faster, with speeds up to 62 pages per minute. If you don't have large printing tasks that regularly need to be done, a basic, black-and-white copier will print up to 31 pages per minute.

If you know what your office needs from its copier, contact us today to find out about the current models and what they can do for your employees.