Common Document Security Risks

document security

Today, everyone's data is under threat like never before. Cybercriminals can make money with other people's data, and they will seek out any opportunity to do so. Some cybercriminals constantly seek out personal and business data to make themselves more money. When your documents aren't properly protected, it leaves them open to a data breach. A data breach can be catastrophic for a small business, and it causes you to lose trust from your clients. It's time to get to know the many security risks that your documents face every day and how document security can help you.

Unsecured Documents

When all of your documents are available in hard copy, this leaves them especially open to theft and loss. Documents laying out in the open can be easily stolen, and ones that are filed away aren't much safer. Paper documents can be left in a copier tray, dropped on the floor or thrown out so that anyone can get them by going through the trash. Businesses are increasingly digitizing their documents to prevent all of these scenarios from happening.

No Print Tracking

Without any way of tracking what is printed, faxed and copied, there is no way to be sure that these documents aren't being given over to the wrong hands. Without any oversight, employees can send them to people they shouldn't and make copies of sensitive documents that shouldn't be available in hard copy form. Print tracking adds a layer of accountability as well as giving your business some protection against liability.

Encrypted Document Security

These days, everything you print and copy should be encrypted. Encrypting them at the source, at the printer, will keep cybercriminals from being able to intercept the data stream and take whatever data they want to steal. Encryption is a much-needed layer of protection for every business today.

If you're ready to keep your documents safer, contact us today. We can help with the security that you need to keep your data safer and your reputation higher.