The Cost Savings of Ricoh Copiers


Every office has to have a copier for all of those ordinary copying tasks. However, does it matter which type you buy and use? Yes! Some copiers have far more features than others, some are faster and some slower, etc. Choosing a Ricoh copier is a great way to get the type of copier your office needs without spending too much money.

Size and Speed

Your office has its own needs based on your industry, number of employees and how many documents the office deals with. You can save money with a Ricoh copier by only buying a copier that has the features you need. If you don't need one that will do a lot of other functions, you can opt for a less-expensive Ricoh copier. If you need every feature possible, there rare Ricoh copiers for that as well. Another choice is for print speed. Different Ricoh models have different print speeds, with the faster ones typically being more expensive. If you don't need ultra-fast printing, you have no need of buying a more expensive model.

Color Printing

Think about what your office generally prints. Is it documents made up of text and white space, or do you generally have parts that need to be in color? If you don't need color copies, opting for a model that only prints in black and white are a great option that will save you money. If you need color copies only very rarely, think about whether they actually need to be in color or whether the cost savings of the less-expensive printer allows enough in the budget to take those documents to a print shop for color copies.

Size of the Copier

The size of different copier models varies greatly with the complexity of the unit and how much storage it has for different types of paper. If you want only a small copier because of tight dimensions in the office, there are models that don't come with as much storage. If you want as many features and storage as possible, a larger unit will provide it.

If you're ready for just the right Ricoh copier for your business and your budget, contact us now to find out about the models we have available.