Cutting Print-Related Costs in Your Law Office

cutting Copier costs

For the modern law office, devices like copiers, computers, and supplies are necessary to accomplish the copious amounts of files and paperwork that is required for every process. Every year when budget planning comes around, print-related costs are one of the most significant stressors for law companies, due to difficult cost projections and expensive devices. To balance your print-related spending, you need to know where to manage, upgrade, or cut costs.

Here are five steps to help you cut costs and gain control of your print-related spending:

1. High-Tech Devices

A common mistake that many offices make is purchasing multiple devices to accomplish filing and sharing needs. While it comes with higher upfront costs, purchasing a single, multifunction device will guarantee long-term savings over having multiple devices in your office. With several devices in use, maintenance and supply related costs will quickly surpass what you would spend on an MFP.

2. Reduce Paper Use

Though printing is cannot always be avoided, there are some ways to lower your print quantities that will help cut costs:

  • Repurpose used paper from notepads and previous prints
  • Remove logos, images, and texts from documents that do not need them
  • Print on two sides of the paper whenever possible
  • Widen your paper margins and lower font sizes on documents

3. Integrate Cloud-Based Storage

While the law industry holds onto processes that require physical paper, there are plenty of ways that you can save money by keeping documents paperless when possible.

With cloud storage, your documents can be stored and shared quickly and efficiently. Documents can be effectively shared, signed, or edited without the additional steps and money it takes to print and scan documents multiple times.

4. Be Aware of Your Tax Benefits

Your office might be eligible to receive tax deductions from the equipment in your office. You could potentially write off all or a portion of your equipment spending on your yearly taxes.

5. Shut It Down

Every day when your office empties at closing time, be sure to power down your devices to ensure that the energy costs are controlled. Your devices will also benefit from this downtime, which will result in long-lasting machines.

To learn more about cutting print-related costs in your office, contact Document Systems today!