Deciding if Managed Print is Right for Your Business

business men discussing over tablet

If you’re a business owner or manager, you have probably heard about Managed Print Services (MPS), but you might not be sure if it will benefit your business. After all, operating printers and copiers is not too complicated, right?

Instead of evaluating the usability of printing equipment to decide if Managed Print would help, you should consider the following questions to help you understand the value of MPS:

What does your print environment look like?

It does not matter if you are a single office with two or three printing devices or a company with dozens of devices throughout a region, if you have printing equipment in your office, MPS will benefit your print process. MPS’ benefits apply to business with printing needs of all shapes and sizes.

Have you developed a print strategy?

Most businesses do not devote time to developing and defining a print strategy. In the grand scheme of business operations, it often seems like an insignificant task that can be at the bottom of the priority list or maybe not on the list at all. What many do not realize is that printing quickly becomes a large portion of your annual budget, and Managed Print Services can cut print-related costs by up to 30%.

Do you know your printing costs?

Knowing how much your business spends in each department is critical but determining real printing costs can be very difficult without a Managed Print provider. Most companies only consider the cost of the equipment, service fees, and supplies. However, these costs do not represent how much you are spending on printing. Your print environment has many indirect costs that pop up throughout the year and eat away at your proposed print budget.

Do you want to cut costs and save time?

Besides the 30% cost reduction, you will find with MPS, you will also begin a relationship with a printing expert who will give you recommendations for the most efficient technology and equipment, that will continue to save your business time and money. An MPS provider will help you consolidate equipment, improve workflows, and automatically replenish supplies.

If you are ready to enlist Managed Print Services or if you want to learn more about the benefits it has for your business, contact Document Systems today!