Document Systems Managed Print Solutions for Schools

printer in school hallway

The use of the printer in schools is something no staff could be without. Printing off tests for students to take, informational sheets, announcement handouts and more are all necessary to the integrity of the school. However, there is a better way today of managing all of that printing to make things easier for the staff.

Keeping Printers Printing

If your printers went down, how long would it be before you had a line of teachers waiting for it to be fixed? Maybe 10 minutes? Every teacher needs to print items for the classroom, and having printers that don't work makes everyone less efficient. Teachers can't get their handouts to the students and students can't print assignments when they need to. With managed print services, the printers are monitored for what they need as well as undergoing regular maintenance to ensure that they stay in good condition. When the staff doesn't have to wait for printer repairs, everything will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Cutting Costs

Every school system has to consciously look for ways to save money, but printing costs can be high. When the cost of printer repairs, paper and ink are factored in, printing costs are often far higher than they need to be. With managed print solutions, the regular maintenance will mean that far fewer repairs will need to be done. And with employee printing codes, the amount of printing can be easily monitored. Teachers will no longer print out everything that they might want to use, opting instead of printing only when it's needed. This represents significant cost savings on all printing costs.

Staying Stocked

If you've ever been surprised to find out that the printer is out of ink, toner or paper, it's a common occurrence. Often, no one thinks about these supplies until they are gone. With managed print, however, the use of these is monitored, and new stock is ordered before it completely runs out. This prevents yet more downtime that would happen if the printer was out of ink, paper or both. It also frees up the rest of the staff to take care of other things instead of trying to remember the ink types and running to buy it.

If you want your school to be run more efficiently with as little downtime as possible, contact us today to find out more about managed print services.