Don’t Get Print Scammed


It seems like there can't possibly be one more thing that your business can get scammed on, but unfortunately, print is not immune. That's right - scammers will target your print environment and employees that oversee print sometimes because they know that the job can be overwhelming and at times stressful.

Managing print doesn't need to be hard, and there are ways you can avoid getting scammed. Let's dig in.

Warning Signs

It's good to recognize a few warnings. How do you know when something may be amiss?

  • If they are insistent on a monthly "subscription" or charge. This is something that they hope you will forget about and they won't send anything.
  • If they don't seem to know the technical language for print items.
  • When you ask questions, the answers are rushed or don't make sense.
  • The seller pushes you on products you don't need or that don't apply to you.

Managed Print Can Help

There are a few ways to work with the possibility of scammers. One is to train employees on the above issues, which is a good idea no matter what your print environment is like.

The best solution is to take the risk and stress off of your employees and look into managed print. Outsourcing print management can have a significant impact on employees because they aren't burdened with the tedious, stressful tasks of navigating a chaotic print environment. Managed print will clean up any issues and help you get your budget on track while protecting you, your office, and your funds from scammers.

Stay Ahead of Risks

Don't get brought down by print scammers - invest in managed print to solve your print issues once and for all. Get in touch today.