Don't Let Your Printer Compromise Document Security

printer in use

Many offices spend time and resources trying to secure their network, but forget to address one of the easiest system components for hackers to attack: the printer. The volume of sensitive and confidential information that flows through the printer can compromise your company's security if it isn't protected. Here are some of our top tips to help you protect your printer:

Use Encryption to Protect Your Printer

A printer contains a hard drive, where documents are stored before they print out. If this hard drive is not secured, this can expose the data contained in any document to outside eyes. While using a password to protect the hard drive is a good first step, the only way to ensure that the data is unusable to hackers is to encrypt the data. Choosing a printer with the ability to do this gives you peace of mind that all of your sensitive documents are safe.

Automate to Prevent Extraneous Copies From Being Made

Requiring documents be saved on a desktop before they can be printed creates extra copies that can be hacked or seen by someone who should not see them. Automating the printing process so that items can be printed directly from the cloud eliminates these issues, and keeps every document more secure.

Don't Forget Old Fashioned Risks

It's easy to get so caught up in protecting against digital risks that you forget to protect your printer against the issues that have existed for decades. If users in your office are in the habit of leaving documents in the print tray and picking them up whenever they get around to it, this presents a significant security risk. Anyone can stroll by and read confidential information, or take the document with them to show others. A printer that password protects each users print queue solves this problem by requiring users to take the extra step of inputting a password at the printer's keypad before the document prints out. This confirms the person's physical presence near the printer at the time of printing.

If you're looking for a printer that incorporates the security features you need to keep your information safe, visit Document Systems today. Our status as a Ricoh dealer make us qualified to advise you on the best printer for your needs.