Easy Ways to Scan Documents

stack of papers

Scanning documents is a necessary task to operate a modern business that keeps pace with client demands, whether you find yourself in the office or on the road. You may already have machines in your office that allow for scanning of documents, but these are of little use to you when you're out of town or visiting client sites. There are easy ways you can scan and upload documents no matter where you are, minimizing any delays that keep your business from progressing.

Some ways you can scan documents in the office and remotely include:

Printers and Scanners

Many multifunction printers include the ability to scan documents and send them to a location on the public network or within the cloud where you and others can access them as needed. If you have an older printer in the office that doesn't include this function but still works fine, a desktop scanner can provide the same function for the fraction of the cost of a new printer.

Mobile Apps

If members of your team travel around the city or country to close deals, a mobile app allows them to scan vital documents like signed contracts or client information. This makes it much easier for them to get a new lead to commit while they are in town and get the transaction closed quickly. A bonus of using one of these apps is that the program will automatically create a digital copy, preserving a record of any crucial paperwork for the future.

Third-Party Scanning Services

Another option is to use a third-party document management service to digitize all documents needed for the business. This takes the responsibility and expense from your workforce and places it with a fully accountable third party. Since these providers specialize in document management, these providers can be much more efficient than the untrained workforce you may have in-house. The provider may also take care of disposing of the documents securely through shredding them, removing the risks associated with disposing of sensitive client or employee information.

Scanning documents can be an easy way to make your business more mobile and efficient and may help you cut your operating expenses. If you need help to get started, contact Document Systems today.