Five Questions for Finding the Most Efficient Copier


Updating your office equipment to meet your needs is very important as businesses grow and also as technology changes. Today's copiers are entirely different than machines in the past, with higher volume capacity, more finishing features, and better security.

It makes sense for your company to reevaluate your equipment every few years, or whenever technology changes significantly. Bringing your equipment up to speed technologically can create efficiencies in supply use, productivity, and functionality that can save your business money.

Reasons to Invest in Quality Office Equipment

High-quality office equipment is always worth it, so talk to a vendor partner like Document Systems to review what you currently have, features, and technology that could help your workflows, and understand what you may need from a copy machine.

Don't skimp on the investment, either from spending or a research standpoint. With a little legwork and a great vendor partner, you can get a copier that has a high ROI.

Questions to Ask to Get What You Need

Below are some questions to ask when working with your vendor and to provide an excellent place to start. With a little extra info, you'll know what you can expect from a high-level upgrade.

  1. What is the updated speed and output of the copier?

  2. Does it handle multiple paper sizes and materials?

  3. What capacity can we expect from this copier?

  4. Are there security features?

  5. How can the finishing features increase productivity?

How to Get Started

Copiers and other office equipment can have cost impacts across your operations and workflows. You can save money, boost productivity, and see faster communications and answers in your business with better support.

Intrigued as to how you can save and improve with better office equipment? Talk to Document Systems.