Get Managed Print in Your School Today


Do you work in a school where printing materials could be simpler? For many educators or administrators, this is a daily need. Why not make a move to make it better? With just a few simple moves, you can make your school print environment function much better. The first step is easy - partner with a reliable vendor like Document Systems. From there, let's go.

Manage Print Costs

Keeping costs under control is one of the first priorities for many schools. With managed print, you can combine functionality, support, and value to support your school printing needs while keeping everything else in check. For example, you'll need the right supplies - toner, paper, hardware, and spare parts. You'll also want to ensure you have the service and support you need from your managed print provider.

Print costs will be greatly reduced once you are working with the managed print professionals because you'll have better print oversight, efficient print use, and less excess printing and waste. Wins all around for your school, since your administrators can have better visibility of printing and understanding of print costs, while still allowing the printing needs of the school.

Support School Staff

Supporting staff is key - when you combine high quality and high volume printing with reliable print oversight that manages cost, you empower your teams to complete projects when they need them and not try to make pointless printing cuts. Printing is an essential office function, so why not let people print when essential, provide a quality service, and just regulate the wasteful side of it? That's why managed print is such a huge business success.

Streamline Your Print Environment

Print environments in today's office should leverage technology to be streamlined, simple, and cost-efficient. That's what you'll get at your school when you work with Document Systems, the reliable Ricoh dealer that helps schools around the country improve their print environment. Let's talk today.