Getting Started With Managed Print

managed print

Cutting printing costs is a to-do list item that is better to get done sooner than later. If you’ve attempted it on your own without success, it’s time to look at a system like managed print. Here’s how to get started.

Assessing Business Needs

There are a couple of different aspects to managed print. One part is analyzing your current print infrastructure to determine which devices are outdated or consuming too much energy. You might also discover that a printer is being misused and needs to switch locations. Print management is also about creating protocols that reduce paper waste and cut costs. Lastly, print management can help organize your consumer ordering structure. Instead of sitting on toner that is always over ordered you can get help setting up a regular system.

Who to Work With

Choosing a managed print provider is essential in setting the tone for your entire experience. The right provider will work with you to create a customizable program that fits your needs. Not every business will benefit from all aspects of managed print, and their service should reflect that. As you are looking for a managed print provider, specify your long-term goals such as increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Planning and Implementation

Overhauling your print infrastructure and policy should not be done overnight. Introducing a new system to employees should be done in phases. The first phase will be observational and will allow your provider to take note of how printing is handled in your office. Next, they will make recommendations that help achieve your long-term goals. Sometimes that means restricting user authorization at printers or asking people to switch up how they do things. With a slowly integrated approach, reaching these goals does not have to be painful. People will see how introducing digital processes over papers ones can be beneficial and even increase efficiency.

It’s easy to see how managed print can get your business back on track when it comes to budgeting for printing costs. The added benefit of increasing productivity is also not to be missed. To learn more about getting started with managed print, contact us today!