Go Green with Better Tech and Managed Print


Technology is the secret to sustainability, and businesses face ongoing pressure to respond to climate change, remote working needs, and keeping costs down. These issues can all be solved with one helpful office answer, luckily - managed print.

Managed print services streamlines your purchases and only orders supplies you need so your costs and environmental impact are instantly reduced by not overbuying or purchasing in excess.

Also, with managed print, you can have the extra benefits of a consistent budget and streamlined workflows, and a regular, easy to enforce the print policy.

Managed Print Equals Sustainability

The first thing to expect from managed print services is a print audit. During the print audit, your vendor will evaluate your print fleet, network, and processes and identify any obsolete technology. Then, your managed print team will identify positive opportunities to streamline your print fleet and equipment, in addition to supplies, networks, and policies. Essentially, you can capitalize on economies of scale with print products to ensure that your planning appropriately and using the right amount of energy.

In addition, managed print introduces software that assists in supply ordering so that you don't have stockpiles that go unused or eventually expire.

These services will also have a big cost-benefit in your print environment. You'll find that you can save almost 30% on print costs alone, and your budget will stabilize from month to month. Combine that with increased sustainability, and you've found a win.

Organize Your Efforts to Go Green

Going green can be challenging, but when you start with product output areas - like print - and energy consumption, you'll see changes happen quickly. Advanced technology can make it easy to go green, so why not take advantage of these benefits with managed print?

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