Got a Remote Workforce? How to Get Set Up for Success


Your workforce may be totally remote, or partially remote. Or, you may have a few mobile workers or even just a flexible schedule for employees that need it.

Either way or whatever it looks like, addressing how employees can work remote with your company can answer lots of questions up-front, assist with recruiting, and bring better productivity and more success to your entire company. Get things lined out early so you can set your teams up for an efficient and better workflow environment.

Mobile Workers and Productivity

Mobile workers are shown to be more productive across the board. The stats may surprise you, but they can't be ignored.

According to a 2016 study, 91% of remote workers felt more productive than when they're in the office, and 77% get more done in less time than on-site teams. How can you leverage these efficiencies to help employees get further?

Make sure that you're providing your team the tools they need to be successful - like a functioning home office and equipment. Also, be sure to consider the following:

Personal printer and copier

Invest in a quality home office, usually with an allowance, for remote workers so that their equipment is efficient and working – and you know it.

Remote access

Having meetings, call-ins, video chat, and streaming – in addition to reliable wi-fi- means that remote access is secure and straightforward.

Digital office space

A digital office space means two things: having a space in the on-site office, so remote workers are still included, and also creating an office wherever they work.

Give your team productivity

Boost your team's productivity with more options like a remote workplace that is effective and has suitable equipment, and see what they can do. Success looks like supporting all workers, regardless of location. Get in touch today.