How to Address Print Issues in a Law Office

law office desk

The need for printing in a law office is one of the basic needs for getting business done. The many documents that have to be available for reviewing and signing makes it necessary to have printers available that are fast and effective. Here's how getting managed print services can help keep them that way.

Privacy and Printing

With extra security features in place, printers that use managed print services are safer and more secure than those without. These services can ensure that items are not left in the printing tray where anyone can see the information and steal it. Other security measures include encrypting the print data stream so that it can't be intercepted. With better security, you can be more compliant with client privacy rules and keep the opposition from gaining private information that you don't want it to have.

Keeping Printers Stocked

One of the biggest printing inconveniences is going to the printer to get a document ready for a client and finding out that there is no paper in the printer. There may also be no ink, making printing impossible. These situations are avoided with managed print services. With the basic supplies of each printer being monitored, the right supplies can be ordered and installed before anyone experiences any wait times to use the printer. This keeps customers happier, as they aren't paying for downtime as they wait for something to be printed.

Save Money

When the printers are managed efficiently, there is no need to outsource any of your printing to a third party. And, there is no downtime spent waiting for printing to be done. Productivity stays higher and overhead costs go down when all of the printing can be done as it's needed in-house. And because there are records kept of the printing jobs done you have what you need to charge clients for printing. There's no need to miss out on that income when you have clear records of what was printed and when.

If you're ready for managed print services in your law office, contact us today to get started.