How to Avoid Toner Pirates

scam alert

The need for toner in the office is constant, and businesses often look for ways to take care of this need for as little money as possible. However, there are many scams out there today that take advantage of this need. Here are a few toner scams to be on the lookout for.

Outrageous Pricing

When you're trying to get a good price for toner, it may be easy to believe that a small company with little overhead wants to sell you toner for much less than you've been paying. However, there are many scammers who will deliver toner to you and then leave you with an outrageous bill. You don't have a written contract with this supplier, so there is no evidence that the toner was offered to you at a much lower price. In fact, some of these scammers never quote you a price for it at all. Being faced with a four-figure bill isn't unusual.

Terrible Toner

There are some toner pirates who promise you great copier toner for less. They may even give you an accurate price quote and deliver the toner. However, it may not be until after you've paid for it that you discover how bad the toner really is. It's so cheaply made that it barely works and creates printed documents that are hard to read and embarrassing for your company to use. This scam often results in the loss of all the money paid for the toner, with the company having to buy toner elsewhere to avoid using the embarrassing documents.

Magically-Appearing Toner

One scam makes toner appear in your office like magic. No one ordered it, and yet there it is. The problem is that when it arrives, employees assume someone ordered it, and they put it with the other toner to be used in the office. But days or weeks later, your company gets a huge bill for that toner. Even though you never ordered it, they have records of it being delivered to your office, and now they're demanding payment. This can be a legal mess that drags on and costs the company yet more money.

Avoid these scams completely by getting your toner from an established, trustworthy company located in your area. Contact us for toner you can count on from a business that is reliable and local.