How Educators Can Cut Printing Costs in 7 Steps

U.S. Communities partnership, education

Document Systems proudly partners with U.S. Communities to bring Managed Print Services and Ricoh products to local educational facilities. This partnership helps ensure school districts and educators have the resources to serve students to the best of their ability.

Managed Print and Cutting Costs

Printing costs can add up, and without proper guidance, schools can spend too much on their printing infrastructure. Document Systems supports these facilities with managed print. Here are seven smart tips Document Systems shares with schools to reduce spending on print.

1. Preview Before You Print: By taking a quick five seconds to look over a document before hitting print, you can save yourself from a small mistake such as a misspelled word or misalignment.

2. Draft Mode: Draft mode uses 50% less ink are perfect for simple documents.

3. Print On Both Sides: Not only does double-sided printing save money but it’s more sustainable!

4. Collaborate: An advantage of working in schools are the resources all around you in fellow educators. Use cloud software to share ideas and files instead of always printing records out.

5. Vary Printing Use: Some printers are made for printing high-quality images while others are best for text documents. Make sure everyone in the office knows which files to send to which printer.

6. Upkeep with Device Maintenance: Your printer will last longer and produce quality papers if you take care of it correctly. A regular cleaning and software update is all that’s necessary.

7. Encourage Recycling: There is always a way to reuse scraps of paper that don’t contain confidential information. Also, set up recycling bins to encourage students and teachers alike to avoid throwing paper in the trash.

These are simple steps that educators can take to help reduce printing costs!

To find out more about our U.S. Communities partnership, or to learn more about our Ricoh products and services, contact us today!