How Government Agencies Can Save Money with Managed Print


The private business world has been saving money and boosting company productivity by investing in managed print services for a while now. It’s time for government agencies to enjoy the same benefits.

Government agencies can also find great cost and time-saving strategies in managed print. How exactly can government agencies save big investing in managed print? Adding accountability, tracking, and waste reduction to your print environment will build a foundation for more responsible print policy and habits.

Your business will see productivity improve when you prioritize the functionality of managed print services.

What is Managed Print?

Managed print services is a third-party company that is offered to oversee printer maintenance, print tracking via a print audit, and print supply ordering. Also, most managed print services include print security and recommendations for policy changes and cost management strategies.

Security is just as important for government agencies, so if your team has been a little relaxed about print security, now is the time to change that by talking to your managed print team.

Benefits of Managed Print

The benefits of managed print for any company or agency include:

  • Waste reduction

  • Cost management

  • Reliable print budget

  • Print oversight

  • Data security

Benefits for government agencies include all of the above, increased protection for data and information, and better oversight for supply ordering and tracking. You can also prevent excessive personal printing using the print audit data.

Managed Print Starts with Document Systems

For any organization, the best way to invest in managed print is to work with a professional vendor team, like at Document Systems. Contact our pros today to get started.