How to Keep Scanned Documents from Prying Eyes

shredding paper

Keeping data safe is a tough job in today's world. There are always new and sneakier ways to get someone's data, and having it on paper only makes it more difficult to keep it safe.

Scanning and Filing

If you don't want just anyone to see the documents you have, don't keep them on paper. Not only does scanning and digitizing your files make good sense for taking up less space and costing less in storage fees, but it's also a better way to keep those files safe. If they remain on paper, they are vulnerable to being taken, copied, photographed, etc. Scanning the documents and not keeping any hard copies of them eliminates all of these possibilities from thieves.

Scanning and Shredding

It isn't enough to simply get rid of the hard copies. Those documents must be shredded to make sure that no one can get them from the trash. Not only could employees take them from the trash and have sensitive data, anyone wanting to steal data could go through your trash after hours. This is a common way for thieves to get personal data as well as passwords, financial records and more. As you scan each document, shred it so that there is no way to access those documents other than the protocol that you set up through your computer network.

Control Access to Documents

One useful way that digital files can be kept safe is to put safeguards on who can access certain documents. With user controls, you can keep the most sensitive documents from being accessed by most employees, and you can give passwords to those who need them. With this controlled access, it would be highly difficult for an employee to access the files that you have deemed in need of protection. This may be employee files, financial information, etc.

If you want to keep your business documents safer and keep prying eyes away, contact us to find out how to get started.