How to Manage Your Printer Access

printer in use

The many costs associated with running an office can make it hard to budget each month, and those costs always seem to be rising. The cost of rent, labor and utilities are certainly some of the highest costs, but there are many others that can be lowered for a better bottom line. The cost of printing is one of these.

Managed Print to Monitor Usage

Using managed print services is one of the ways that businesses are taking control of their printing costs and lowering them instead of raising them every month. With managed print, the access to the printer is managed, and this leads to less usage of it. Each employee who needs to use the printer can have their own print code, and this identifies them in the software. Then, you can easily see who is printing and just how often they are doing so. If you've had employees who printed a lot without really needing to, you can see that behavior ending with managed print.

Thinking Twice

Why is there so much printing in your office? The answer is often that employees are not being held accountable for it, so they print as much as they want. This can mean printing out personal documents to take home as well as printing nearly everything just to keep a hard copy. Once they become accountable for all the printing they do, employees generally begin to think twice about whether that page actually needs to be print or whether printing it was just a habit they'd fallen into.

Lowering Costs

With access to the printer being monitored and managed, employees won't run to the printer as much, and this lowers several office costs. It lowers the cost of the paper and ink, but it doesn't stop there. It also lowers the electricity cost when the machine isn't running all the time. And, because printers heat up the air around them when they are run, your office air conditioner won't have to work as hard to keep the office cool. All of these savings add up over the days, weeks and months into substantial savings.

If you're ready for managed print services to lower your company's print costs, contact us to get started.