How to Start Vulnerability Scanning


Scanning in your office probably used to mean photos, then documents, and now it means something different, too. Vulnerability scanning is a new type of scanning (more like reviewing networks than sending pictures) that involves finding security loopholes, flaws, access points, misconfigurations, and other areas that mean your system could be hacked.

Vulnerability scanning is mostly for systems that are online and internet-connected, but internal networks are also at risk and should be included in the scan. Vulnerability scans can be automated, including each network device, and should cover all network assets.

Protecting Your Business

Why does your business suddenly need vulnerability scans? Because data theft, cybersecurity, and hacking issues have impacted millions of businesses in the last two years alone.

No business has immunity – large and small companies, small businesses, those less connected, and in any industry are all impacted by hacks, threats, data theft, and attacks. It’s much more common than it used to be, and it’s also more widespread. Taking all actions to secure your critical business data is important.

Cybersecurity for the Modern Company

How to protect your business from hacks? Vulnerability scans are a great place to start. Other key actions include working closely with a vendor team, investing in managed IT services, and understanding the entire scope of your business networks, connectivity, and security needs.

Managers Need Security Tools

Getting the right security features for your business starts with working with the right vendor partner. Document Systems has experts on hand to answer your questions and review your current security strategy.

Then, you can continue to work with the team as you invest in vulnerability scans and address security issues. The Document Systems team is here to help you protect your business.