How to Troubleshoot Your MFP


Although offices are using less paper than ever before, businesses still rely heavily on copiers (also called Multifunction Printers or simply an MFP) to handle critical document sharing and saving processes. These machines have proven to be useful, even in our modern, digital age. As they age, however, copiers are prone to experience decreased efficiency due to years of use. Sometimes it is worth trying to get another year out of your device, and sometimes it is time to move on – but how do you know when you should seek a repair or a replacement?

We’ve put together a list of issues to help you troubleshoot how you should go about handling your copier:

Consistent Paper Jams

Your copier uses a series of wheels and arms to feed paper through the machine and onto the tray for retrieval. Paper can often get caught somewhere in the mix of moving parts, which will back up your entire print process. Whether you are printing one copy or two-hundred copies, consistent jams can result in some serious downtime. The occasional jam inevitably occurs, but if your device regularly jams, then there are probably deeper issues going on.

Open up your copier unit to search for debris or broken pieces that might be causing the blockages. This will help you determine if it is a simple fix or if greater attention or even replacement is necessary.

Faded Prints

When an ink cartridge is low or worn out, you will probably start to see your tray filled with faded prints. Simply replacing the cartridges is the first solution to try, but if it does not stop the streaks or fades, there is probably more going on.

Schedule an appointment with your manufacturer or device provider to determine what solutions are necessary to get your copier printing smoothly again.

Damaged Paper

Torn or crumpled papers are another sign that your copier is not functioning at its highest potential. If your copier is consistently printing damaged sheets of paper, your copier’s rollers might need replacement.

Copiers are complicated machines that will eventually need repairs or replacement. To learn more about troubleshooting your copier, contact Document Systems to get in touch with an expert who can help you solve your copier’s problems.