Know Before You Go: Purchasing a New Copier


Offices everywhere are going digital and switching to at least partial remote workforces. This makes a lot of sense in many situations. However, there are a few surprising things about making a switch to digital - it doesn't cut out your need for a copier and some hard copy documents. Especially for small businesses or the home office, it's often that printing something hard copy is still necessary for review, signature, communication, or editing.

Luckily, today's copiers are highly functional and support any size of business. Copiers are more often multifunction machines that can scan, print, and scan to email as well. This means that you have the hard copy features you need but also the digital communications features you want.

Okay, so how do you know what to buy? Read on!

What to Know

You'll want to know a few critical things about your operational style before you go shopping. Examples are:

  • What volume do you print or copy?

  • Which security features are required?

  • Do you need color or black and white?

  • What type of network connectivity do you require?

This research can send you on the right path to get your copy machine purchase right the first time.

What to Ask

Next up, what do you ask your vendor? A few questions include:

  • What are your maintenance and support agreements?

  • Is this a lease or purchase option?

  • How does the security integrate with my office?

  • How can I make the most of the advanced features?

  • Is there anything else I should know to get more for my money?

And then you're off to the buying stage!

Work with the Best

Partnering with the best vendor is easy when you know where to go. The team at Document Systems has you covered for copiers and other office equipment and systems. Get in touch today.