Learn How We Support Education with U.S. Communities

Kids raising hands in classroom

Document Systems partnership with U.S. Communities to provide Ricoh office equipment and managed print services to educational institutions.

Document Systems is proud to partner with U.S. Communities to bring Managed Print Services and Ricoh products to our local educational industry. This partnership helps ensure our districts, schools, and educators can focus on what really matters, the students, instead of worrying about the time and money required to maintain a print environment.

U.S. Communities is a nonprofit that is devoted to helping schools and other public agencies find cost savings and quality products. Because Document Systems is also devoted to helping schools, we are happy to participate alongside Ricoh.

For this service, we work with local educational institutions to provide quality Ricoh office equipment as well as print management. What our clients get is a range of goods and services that dramatically change the way they handle paper and paper-based processes. For example, a school or office that adds Managed Print will see:

  • Assistance in managing employee print behaviors to reduce waste and make processes more efficient
  • Better security over sensitive documents like student records
  • Help in implementing digital workflows to boost efficiency and free up administrator's time
  • Assess and improve overall print fleet, plus manage each printer

The overall aim is to reduce costs in many areas to ensure the print environment is not wasting time and money. For those in the educational industry, this opens up more of the budget to put towards other initiatives. It also helps each institution run more efficiently, which can make a tremendous difference in many avenues of the office.

To find out more about our U.S. Communities partnership, or to learn more about our Ricoh products and services, contact Document Systems today.