A Local Copier Vendor Means Everybody Wins


Choosing to make purchases from local businesses is a great way to receive products quickly and boost your local economy. Not to mention the economic benefits of not having to ship a product across the country for delivery. With local shopping, everyone wins.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Great; what does that have to do with purchasing or leasing a copier?”

When finding a new copier, you can either purchase or lease a device from either the manufacturer directly or from a local, authorized dealer. Many often feel a sense of additional security when buying a device from a manufacturer, but there are some incredible benefits available to those who will purchase their device from a local dealer.

Here are a couple of the benefits:

Save Money

Purchasing a new device straight from a manufacturer will not give you any great deal on a new copier. A manufacturer will have much less room to work with to make a device affordable for you.

With small, local companies having less overhead costs, they can afford to be more generous with the price to make it possible for you to get the device you need.

Price is a significant consideration in this process, but it is not the only one.

Unmatched Customer Service

It is often assumed that a manufacturer will have the most credible technicians to assist you while using their equipment. The truth is, however, technicians from a local company will go through the same training as a manufacturer’s technicians.

A local business will also be able to provide much quicker response times, keeping downtime and stress at a minimum. With a larger manufacturer, there are multiple threads of communication that need to take place, and it could take 24 to 72 hours before a technician could service your device.

To learn more about the benefits that come with purchasing or leasing from a local, authorized copier dealer, contact Document Systems today!