Make the Most of Your MFP


If you have a multifunction copier, also known as multifunction printers or MFPs, you have a real workhorse in your office. Are you making the most of it?

The MFP has a ton of potential beyond the basics – faxing, scanning, copying, and printing – but you have to know what it can do in order to use it. Let’s take a look at this versatile machine and some of the things you might not know it can do.

MFP Functions

Print from the Cloud

Sure, it can print quality paper copies quickly from the device itself, but did you know you can print from the cloud? Cloud printing is easy and trackable, meaning you can save time but also reduce erroneous printing and see who is printing what.

Scan to Anywhere

Scanning is one of the most underutilized functions for many offices, but it’s an extremely useful task. Turn paper documents into PDFs, scan them straight to email, or automatically batch and store files digitally, all from your MFP.

Finishing Features

Most of today’s MFPs have finishing features that cut down on the time you spend handling documents. For example, stapling features let you scan multiple pages, automatically sort them correctly, and quickly staple them for easy distribution.

Smart Document Handling

It’s worth the time to get to know your MFP’s features if you haven’t already. Tools like automatic document feeding, scanning, and others help you save a ton of time and headaches. Making your MFP central to document handling creates a more productive experience.

Even More Possibilities

Your MFP can generate workflows, facilitate collaboration, and ensure your documents are secure. It can also help you go paperless as much as you would like. There’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to your MFP.

To learn more about the functions and features of MFPs, hear about services that complement your MFP, or to find a new MFP for your office, contact us today!