Managed Print and Data Security

managed print

Quocirca, a leading print research firm, recently released a study that revealed that sixty-three percent of businesses admitted to experiencing at lease one print-related data breach. This is a scary statistic: almost two-thirds of the companies they surveyed said that at some point their data had been targeted by a hacker. While network security is often at the forefront of a business owner’s mind, printer security is not usually a priority.

With print-related breaches occurring as often as they do, targeting a variety of businesses regardless of size or industry, it is crucial that companies start taking print security more seriously.

Solution: Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) does much more than automatically replenish supplies. In fact, MPS can play a vital role in protecting your business’ data. Here’s how:

Fax Security

Even in the age of digital documentation, faxing has hung on as a crucial document sharing method for businesses. Fax machines deserve as much attention as other office devices when it comes to securing them. MPS will ensure that you fax routing system is utilized, so documents arrive where intended.

Document Security

Managed print offers an array of helpful security measures for your business, not the least of these is protecting devices and networks with password encryption. Modern systems like passwords, PIN codes, biometrics, and security cards have made protecting your data easier than ever before. These systems will keep unwanted eyes off of your devices and networks, protecting your business’ sensitive data.

Protect Hard Drives

Whether you use a printer, copier, or a multifunction printer, your device contains a hard drive that holds information from documents that pass through it. Not only is it important to wipe your hard drive clean regularly, but it is crucial to “shred” them when you either return or sell your device. MPS will ensure that your devices are well taken care of, so data is well secured.

To learn more about how MPS will help protect your business’ data, contact Document Systems today!