Managed Print Can Save Big for Colleges and Universities


Most educational institutions rely heavily on printers and hard copy documents. However, your office equipment on campus is also essential for digital document storage, scanning, copying, and emailing information, data, and materials for cloud storage.

In addition to the hard copy and digital requirements of staff, students, and faculty, addressing paper needs is another thing to tackle. Supply costs can get out of control when there are so many print locations and people ordering supplies.

That’s precisely where print management can save your college money – by investing in an outsourced service that manages multiple devices and improves efficiency, reduces waste, and optimizes the print environment for your entire campus. From equipment use, to supply orders, print management is your answer.

Budgets Matter in Higher Education

Budgeting correctly is a major issue in higher education. That’s why print oversight is essential – it’s one of the most common places that budgets go awry because print is overlooked until it’s too costly and too late.

The number one benefit of managed print for colleges and universities is a regular, reliable print budget. That's why Document Systems partners with communities around the country to provide Ricoh office equipment and managed print services for educational institutions. Read more here.

Other Top Benefits

There are more ways to save than helpful print tracking with managed print. Here are the other ways that the service can cut costs for your organization.

  1. Reduce waste and excess printing through supply oversight.

  2. Go green and increase sustainability by cutting excess printing.

  3. Reduce supply misuse and overuse.

  4. Streamline print contacts so that one person is aware of print needs, not multiple.

  5. Improve maintenance and repair request processes and get better service.

  6. Increase employee productivity through functional machines, supply chains, and processes.

Managed Print on Campus

Managed print is simple to implement when you work with the right vendor team, and it will start saving your school money right away, in addition to easing the task burden of print oversight. Ready to start? Talk to Document Systems today.