Managed Print Helps Schools Operate Smoothly


School budgets are always complicated and often underfunded, especially with additional pressures on increasing technology, connectivity, security, and safety.

Usually, schools decide how to invest in their infrastructure at the end of the year, and sometimes, necessary technology that can boost learning, productivity, and time management is overlooked.

A managed print solution is one option for saving money on printing while allowing students and staff the resources they need to succeed. Managed print also provides data so you know how your print environment is working and what can be improved.

How Print in School Can Be Streamlined

Print in schools can benefit from managed print solutions by reducing waste, streamlining supply ordering, providing better maintenance, and creating data-informed policies and processes.

Reducing waste is one major cost savings aspect of managed print, and it includes duplex printing, print chargeback policies, and pay for print.

What Does Managed Print in Schools Look Like

Managed print in schools is supported by your local Ricoh dealer at Document Systems. Ricoh partners with areas schools to support print solutions to save money and streamline operations and learning systems, so getting in touch with your Ricoh dealer can help you move on to the next step.

Help your school improve operations, time management, budget oversight, and office equipment use and functionality by investing in print solutions that help administrators, teachers, and students communicate more efficiently.

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