Managed Print Prevents Security Breaches


Printers are essential devices in any office – they are both valuable and vulnerable. Today's printers have technological features that make them much 'smarter' than older printers with features like wifi, touch screens, programming, and more.

These features can also make printers more vulnerable to attacks, however, and print security is an important aspect of your print environment in the modern office. To understand cybersecurity, an office needs to check into all vulnerabilities, and print is a significant target for hackers and attacks.

Security and Managed Services

Thankfully, there's a lot you can do to protect your printer. Modern printers also have more security features than ever before, like password protection, authentication, and other helpful protections.

In addition, managed print services are an established system that can help your office set up print security, monitor features, and adapt as necessary. Managed print is the best solution for print security, and it's essential that all companies honestly evaluate the need for managed print services.

Staying Ahead of Attacks

Once you implement managed print services, there are a few key things you can do to continue protecting your business.

  1. Update software and security features Keeping your software, programs, and security features updated is a vital part of maintaining the secure print environment you need. Talk with your managed print provider about how you can collaborate with them to stay ahead of issues.

  2. Train employees Employee training is critical when implementing a new security standard, and print security are the same. Get the team on board to help keep your data safe.

  3. Implement strong security protections Security protections like passwords and authentication must be legitimate to be functional, so encourage employees (in their training!) to leverage the security features that you establish.

Document Systems Knows Security

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