Managed Print is the Print Savings Solution in Education

School books with pen holder on desk and chalk board in background with mathematical equations written all over it

You've probably heard of the ways that managed print can bring significant savings to your educational environment, whether you work in a K-12 school, tech school, or in higher education.

Educational institutions have spent years trying to find budget solutions that don't impact the quality of the school. Managed print services from your Ricoh dealer are a great solution - from security to budget control, managed print has answers for many issues facing schools today.

Discover Print Savings

Savings is a major benefit of managed print. How? Because you'll not only reduce wasteful printing and over-ordering of supplies, but you'll also institute a print management system that makes sense, with a monthly budget you can rely on - and afford. Managed print takes over all the printing problems that take too much time (and time is money) from your other admin or IT staff by addressing printer issues, overseeing your entire print fleet, and keeping your machines updated and functional.

Support Teachers and Students

Managed print helps your organization support teachers and students by saving money on areas that don't impact instruction. With easy access and use, you'll also create a more sustainable, functional print environment when you have the right print team in place.
Let your school run the way it should with managed print covering your print services and helping you keep your school's print budget on track.

Your Ricoh Dealer Knows Education

Working with schools around the country, your Ricoh Dealer at Document Systems has the managed print and office equipment support you need to help your school get back to normal. Reach out to the team today.