Managed Print Services in Educational Facilities

U.S. Communities partnership, education

As a proud partner of U.S Communities, Document Systems understands the impact that Managed Print Services, and Ricoh products can have on local educational facilities. Through this partnership Document Systems can provide resources to school districts and educators serving students.

4 Ways Schools Benefit from Managed Print

1. Cost Savings

Educational facilities deal with a lot of paper. While the majority of print jobs are necessary, there is always a way to reduce the amount of printing an institution does. This doesn’t require getting rid of lesson-critical paper but instead looking at what processes can be complete with online forms. Timesheets, for example, can be completed entirely online without a need to print.

2. Going Green

Children are the future, and they are taking it in both hands. Many of them know the importance of recycling and reducing waste and managed print can help teachers be apart of this movement. Educators can show students how digital processes equal less paper and increased sustainability.

3. Increased Security

Student records are confidential, and security threats are becoming more common as technology advances. Documents concerning students should not be left on the printing tray. Managed print will implement security measures like user authorization that requires a pin to release a print job.

4. Student IT Needs

Educational IT professionals are usually caught between helping students and providing assistance to the administration. If time with students is being taken up by printer issues such as paper jams and toner requests it distracts from learning opportunities. Managed print takes care of the administrative side letting IT people handle what’s important, students.

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