Managed Print Services Increase Sustainability


The use of managed print services is growing among companies of all sizes because of how convenient it is. However, there are also environmental reasons for companies to use these helpful services.

Business Waste

In a typical office, there is always some waste that must be thrown out or recycled. However, it's often the paper and ink cartridges that make up most of that waste. With so much paper and ink being used in the typical office, the way to make the office run in a more sustainable way is to use managed print services. When this system is implemented, the use of printer monitoring makes everyone in the office think about what they really need to print instead of printing everything automatically. This process leads to less printing and less waste for the company. It also means fewer trees lost to make the paper and less ink being bought, transported and used.

Monitoring Usage

If you have ever wondered why so much gets printed in your office and the printing costs are so high, managed print services can show you exactly how each printer is being used. Because each employee gets their own login credentials, you will be able to see exactly how much each person is printing. Letting employees know about this monitoring leads to less printing overall, and printing becomes a more sustainable practice. If there is a great need to lower costs, put limits on how much each employee can print. If you simply want to see a reduction in printing, let employees know that you will be reviewing the stats from the printers to see that they have been used wisely.

Keep Printers Longer

A significant portion of office waste includes office machines. If you are frequently getting rid of old machines for newer ones, this leads to a lot of waste that is difficult to recycle. With managed print, you will be able to tell if anything is going wrong with a printer. You can keep it maintained so that big problems don't come from small ones. This allows you to keep using that machine longer, producing less business machine waste for the office.

If you're ready for a greener, more sustainable office, contact us to get started with managed print services.