Mobile Printing with Ricoh Applications

mobile device in use

Mobile printing has provided industries of every kind the most accessible form of sharing documents. The ease and convenience that mobile printing has brought offices have resulted in the most efficient document sharing technology to date. Ricoh mobile printing solutions stand ahead of the competition with an effective solution platform for businesses of every shape and size.

With Ricoh’s mobile printing, users can securely access documents through the cloud for editing, sharing, or printing. With their intuitive applications and software, Ricoh provides quick, yet secure printing for companies.

Mobile Printing Solutions from Ricoh

Ricoh’s mobile solutions work with both iOS and Android users, regardless of if they are within or outside of your printing network. These apps offer simple, yet effective solutions for quick access to different functions.

Ricoh offers two different mobile printing solutions: Ricoh HotSpot Enterprise Hosted and Ricoh FlexRelease CX.

Ricoh HotSpot Enterprise Hosted

HotSpot Enterprise Hosted is a hassle-free cloud service that allows users to store digital documents. This is a secure platform that holds documents that have been uploaded for sharing or printing within or outside of your network. Ricoh takes care of the document management, and all your employees must do is send or retrieve documents.

Though uploading documents and data into a digital cloud service might sound risky, documents are secured through the use of user authentication, data encryption, and other security features. This is a secure solution for your employees to share documents throughout your network quickly.

Ricoh FlexRelease CX

FlexRelease CX is the solution that allows employees to upload or download documents from your cloud service. This user-friendly solution helps users on computers, tablets, and smartphones quickly send or retrieve documents.

This solution also allows users to decide which device a document is printed on, and what authentication requirement is necessary, with the help of additional printing software. This ensures safe delivery of sensitive data or information.

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