New Ways to Improve Sustainability


Going green has never been easier, or more critical for any business across all industries. Luckily, it’s easy to make a few fundamental changes that will have both employees, investors, and customers happy to work with a company that prioritizes sustainability and efficiency.

There are plenty of tiny changes to make that can also have improvements, but we’re looking at the big picture. Operations adaptations that also have significant benefits for cost savings, workflows, and office logistics.

Business Grows with Green Initiatives

It’s been proven that customers and top-notch employees care about sustainability. Making a few key changes to see what you can do to reduce waste and minimize impact is worth it for everyone.

A few top tech advancements that make going green easy include these favorites:

Managed Print

Instead of wasting paper, toner, and everyone’s time with a chaotic print environment clean it up and reduce waste while saving up to 30% on print with managed print.

Going Digital

Often called a paperless office, investing in technology to go digital and have a mobile office, cloud storage, and network security means that people print less, communicate better, and stay on top of tasks. Also, paperwork reduction is upward of 75% with digital document solutions.


Excellent technology for scanning is essential, like the quality machines that Document Systems can recommend. Talk to a pro to see how you can upgrade your equipment to use less toner and see better results.

Sustainability Wins

It’s a no-brainer really, but doing what’s right for the environment, employees, customers, and the bottom line is easy and the best move for you. Interested in making any of the changes listed above but not sure where to start? Contact us today.